Timeless Tattoo : Andrew


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Andrew was trained in the ways of traditional apprenticeship. He got his start down in south Florida; although only there for a short time, he was then given the opportunity to join a shop in New Orleans almost 20 years ago. What a time! After a storm that wrecked a great city and changed his world, he began moving around. Working with a great cast of people along the way, from San Francisco to Boston, then to Tacoma & Seattle, WA, he now claims Atlanta as his home.

Specializing in many different styles, his favorite work includes lettering, all classic tattoos, traditional, Japanese, fine-line, coverups and all of your Pinterest ideas. Andrew is proud to be a part of this legendary shop and work along with some really great artists here at Timeless Tattoo. Come by to check out his portfolio and let’s start something cool together.