Cap Szumski
In Memorium
May 4th, 1961 – April 15th, 2017

Jerry ‘Cap’ Szumski was a master of the art of tattooing. With a career spanning more than 35 years in the industry, he was a lifelong student as well as a mentor to professionals the world over.

Exhibiting keen precision and possessing an eagle eye, he was reknowned for his expertise in Fineline Black and Grey. Cap was a pioneer of the style and paved the way for Portraiture and Photo Realism, pushing the boundaries of the artform and sharing his technique and insight with fellow professionals whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Cap traveled extensively attending tattoo conventions to provide continuing education by presenting lectures and workshops- as well as hone his skills; it ensured he kept abreast of industry trends and innovations. His shop is filled with plaques and trophies awarded by his peers. He was featured in magazines, on a book cover and hosted a National Geographic special on the subject of body modification, serving as docent to the camera crew as he guided them through a convention. His stewardship was fundamental in cultivating the modern standard of electric sanitary tattooing.

It is in this same spirit of stewardship that we carry forward the honor of a tradition of excellence, in the tradition of Cap Szumski.

Jerry 'Cap' Szumski
Jerry 'Cap' Szumski