Timeless Tattoo : Keet D'Arms


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Keet moved to Atlanta in 1995 and helped open Timeless Tattoo. Cap taught him from the ground up in his characteristically uncompromising style.

Close to the millennial mark, Keet moved to Salt Lake City to run Lost Art Tattoo with his buddy Nate Drew. After a six year stint out west, he decided to move back to Atlanta. After working and being part owner of a couple of other shops in town, he decided to rejoin the crew at Timeless recently, where he intends to make his permanent home.

Keet prefers “tattoos that look like tattoos”, but will do just about anything. “A great tattoo comes from collaboration. That comes from patience and the ability to communicate well as much as it comes from having trust in one another. I’d love the opportunity to get together!”