Timeless Tattoo : Jenny Bunny Bunns


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Came full circle – when I came to Atlanta for college, I got a tattoo from Craig Foster at Timeless Tattoo. After graduating, I wanted to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a tattoo artist, so when I asked Craig about it, by then he had opened his own shop, Skinwerks Tattoo.

I eventually got an apprenticeship from him, then worked for him for two years. In 2008, I came to Timeless to work for Cap, whom I’ve admired since I was a kid, reading tattoo magazines and fantasizing about being an artist. Worked for Cap for 6 years, developing my own niche doing a variety of non-traditional, eclectic styles and building a loyal clientele base from there.

My husband got a job in California, so when we moved there, I worked for Eric Reed of Alameda Tattoo (who coincidentally worked with Lil D for years) in 2014. After Cap’s tragic passing, Atlanta had been on my heart ever since, and our family made the move back to Hotlanta, to my beloved Timeless Tattoo.